Devil’s Head

Akamas itself is breathtakingly beautiful, with the green and rugged peninsula jutting out into the captivating deep blue waters of the area. And it seems that heading to the wild western coast of the island for a dive is well worth the effort, with the so-called ‘devil’s head’ being a particularly popular spot, combining caves […]

Blue Lagoon

The fabulous blue lagoon will make you feel like you are in the Caribbean. Pristine white sandy bottom and crystal clear water! This dive site is great for training dives, or for an easy second/third dive of the day. It has a maximum depth of 7m. However, this makes for a nice long dive around the […]

Ampitheatre Bay

Ampitheatre Bay dive site was originally a Roman stone quarry. In much later years it was handed over to the British Army who used it as a firing range. If you look close enough in the shallows you will still find old, used ammunition! There are 3 bays under water. The first to 15m then […]

St. George’s Reef

One of the most interesting dive sites and where a diversity of underwater features can be found at St. George’s Reef. A maze of shallow swim throughs and small canyons start off the dive. Keep your eyes open for pieces of ancient amphora along the reef. Then you continue on to a sandy area where there […]

St. George’s Island

The best of the dive sites in the Akamas, and one of the best in Cyprus. The west wall of St. George’s island, which is suitable for all levels of divers. The visibility is normally 20m but can be up to 40m. A shear drop from 10m down to 32m will make any diver’s day. The […]