White Star Wreck

Sunk in February 2007 this is a recent addition to our dive sites. Originally built in 1954 she was brought by a Cypriot company from it’s previous owners in Russia. In use until 2005 when due to a change in Cypriot fishing regulations she was taken out of service. Most of the infrastructure was removed […]

Achilleas Wreck

Lying on a sandy bottom is the Achilleas, the wreck of a Greek vessel which mysteriously exploded & sank in 11m of water in 1975. With 3 main sections there is plenty to see, with one of the highlights being the bronze propeller on the upturned stern.

VERA K Wreck

Used by the Cypriot military for target practice, the Vera K is a Lebanese Freighter which grounded in shallow water. A danger to other shipping the vessel was blown up in 1974 sinking to a depth of 11m in a crater produced by the explosion. Covering quite a large area this is a very interesting […]

The Three Stars Wreck

The tree stars shipwreck is one of the most famous shipwrecks in Cyprus. The ship sank in 1972 after catching fire and is now partly submerged in about 7 meters of water. It is just 30 meters of the coast and is located near Akrotiri area, just next to Limassol salt lake. The wreck is […]

Constandis Fishing Boat Wreck

Right off the Imperial Crowne Plaza Hotel, Constandis fishing boat was also sunk to give happy divers the chance to enjoy another recreational dive site. Constandis originally operated as a bottom trawler and was built in the Soviet Union in 1989. She was registered at the Register of Cyprus Ships in 1997 and operated in international […]

Lady Thetis Wreck

Lady Thetis was a Cypriot passenger ship sunk for use as a recreational dive site in the Mediterranean Sea off Limassol, Cyprus.[1] She used to be named Reiher and was employed as a coastal passenger vessel. She was built in Hamburg, West Germany, in 1953 and was registered in the Register of Cyprus Ships in 1990. Lady Thetis was sunk off Limassol in February 2014 along with the fishing vessel Constandis to […]

Kerynia Wreck

20м max depth All levels diver’s level type of entry Police speedboat was turned into a wreck to attract divers and sealife. It was purposefully sunk near Ayia Napa in 2015.   This old war ship was donated by the Cyprus Ministry of Defence to be sunk in March 2015 for the purposes of creating […]

Nemesis Wreck

General Information About The Nemesis Wreck In Pernera Cyprus Entry:                              Giant Stride Exit:                                  Using The Ladders Provided On Boat Max Depth:              […]

HMS Cricket Wreck

Dive the HMS Cricket Cyprus Shipwrecks Dive Site: “HMS Cricket” Wreck Dive Location: Larnaka Coast Cyprus Depth: 33m Visibility: 10m to 25m Situated off Larnaka, this dive is an opportunity to explore an old British battleship that rests upside down on the seabed at 27 metres. The World War Two gunboat survived the war. It […]

Zenobia Wreck

Zenobia listing in June 1980 Name: Zenobia Owner: Rederi AB Nordö [1] Port of registry:  Sweden [2] Builder: Kockums Varv AB, Sweden [1] Acquired: Late 1979 [1] Maiden voyage: May/June 1980 Identification: IMO number: 7806087 [3] Fate: Sank close to Larnaca on 7 June 1980 General characteristics Type: Challenger-class Roll-on/roll-off ferry Tonnage: 10,000 GRT [3] Length: 178 m (584 ft) Beam: 28 m (92 ft) [3] Draught: 13.01 m (42.7 ft) [3] MS Zenobia was a Swedish built Challenger-class RO-RO ferry launched in […]

The Alexandria Wreck Cyprus

The Alexandria Wreck Cyprus The Alexandria Wreck Cyprus is an old fishing trawler that sank in around 2006. The story goes that it was on its way to be scrapped and whilst being towed from Larnaca to Limassol a storm broke out and the vessel sank. Since the Alexandria went down, it has created a […]