Named for the tiny wedding chapel topping the headland, Chapel offers two entries, one into deep and one into shallow water offering the option to start one side and end the other. On the deeper edge you can follow a 20m deep wall, enter a small vertical swim through and watch underwater as tourists jump […]

Bat Caves

The Caves Cape Grecko

One of our remote and most tranquil dive sites, the Caves and Tunnels are arguably the most picturesque. Situated in the Cape Grecko National Park, it is one of the most natural unspoilt points of diving in Cyprus. A short walk off some rocks you instantly notice how crystal clear and stunning this dive is […]

The Canyon

Although not technically a canyon as such, this is a great diving spot on the south part of the stunning Cape Greco National Park, right beneath the cliffside.  The dive site is accessible from the shore and is best known for its stunning rock formations and rich marine life. The canyon is notorious for its difficult […]

The Cyclops Caves

Not your typical dive site, this one comprises of an underwater cave complex with a seabed filled with amphora; a result of the many trade ships that once crashed on the Cape Greco rocks. This well-known dive spot is accessible from the coast, and is particularly popular because of a rock formation in the shape […]

Connos Bay

40м max depth All levels diver’s level From shore type of entry Connos Bay… (also know as Cyclops Cave). A good range of depths for any qualification 12 – 40 meters, Soldier Fish, Nudie Branches, Octopus and Moray Eels including “The Rock for free fall”- 18 meters.   Konnos Bay… (also known as Cyclops Cave). […]

Kerynia Wreck

20м max depth All levels diver’s level type of entry Police speedboat was turned into a wreck to attract divers and sealife. It was purposefully sunk near Ayia Napa in 2015.   This old war ship was donated by the Cyprus Ministry of Defence to be sunk in March 2015 for the purposes of creating […]

Green Bay

11м max depth Novice diver’s level From shore type of entry Green Bay is great both for beginners and experienced divers. Depth – 1 meter to 11 meters. Lots of marine life – Sea Bream, Pipe Fish, Damsel Fish and if you are lucky – Octopus. Our very own underwater museum! Green Bay can boast […]

Nemesis Wreck

General Information About The Nemesis Wreck In Pernera Cyprus Entry:                              Giant Stride Exit:                                  Using The Ladders Provided On Boat Max Depth:              […]